v~~ A little More Colour ~~ January 22 2016 07:35 PM by starsinhereyes ~~My face stays the same~~ January 21 2016 08:24 PM by starsinhereyes ~~In this mind I do not think~~ January 20 2016 03:13 PM by starsinhereyes ~~ You Give Me That Light~~ January 19 2016 08:43 PM by starsinhereyes ~~All I can See Is White~~ January 19 2016 05:10 PM by starsinhereyes ~~Like the would I shall continue ~~ January 15 2016 11:01 AM by starsinhereyes The world keeps spinning around I am here and the sun it shines so bright So nice when I come out of the dark A few days of holding my head under the water And I am ready to go like the world Spinning around No matter how... And it really is all I need to know :) January 14 2016 12:50 PM by starsinhereyes https://i.ytimg.com/vi/8IanZD91PoY/hqdefault.jpg All I Know - Five For Fighting Lyrics to All I Know by Five For Fighting this was a request from a friend =) font: http://www.dafont.com/journal.font ~~ With you I will not hide in the shadows~ January 10 2016 04:31 PM by starsinhereyes ~~Almost ~~ January 06 2016 07:21 PM by starsinhereyes ~~Life in Slow Motion~~ A poem for a friend :):) January 05 2016 05:26 PM by starsinhereyesv
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