Adult hey you mother fucker

"Yeah,you mother fucker,quit posting "share" with 10 friends with-in 12 seconds and something wonderful will happen to you! It's a god damn social media website jerkoff.Get a fucking life.If your lucky you'll be blessed with meeting just one serial killer with 2 prior convictions!"

some little kid be like fuck you😈 but thay know that thay will get there ass woop!! than start crying like there ass was not told not  to say that.

thank you,

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Comments (1)

  1. alicapulleine

    There are some kind of crazy people all over the social media that take satisfaction in making a fool out of people. There is no such thing as a reward by sharing some stupid post within twelve seconds. Those kind of people need a life and desperately. They can do with better work and will provide them with it.

    September 11, 2016